About Leppo Instruments

Leppo Instruments is an engineering firm located at the Oregon Graduate Center. The fifteen-year-old company employs experienced engineers who provide hardware (analog and digital) and software solutions for microprocessor-based products and process control systems.

We have extensive experience in developing hardware and software for products with embedded microcomputers. In addition we have experience with Windows®, Macintosh® and UNIX environments. We are authorized "Mac Developers". Some of our embedded projects involving both hardware and EPROM-based software design are listed:

  • Hand-held remote unit with graphic backlit LCD, tough screen and 900MHz transceiver provides the windowing Graphical User Interface control for Kenwood Home Theater System.
  • Total firmware design responsibility for the original Tektronix PhaserPxi Printer. This four-color device prints on ordinary paper and on transparent medium.
  • Portable Patient Monitor with color LCD / Touch Screen control under Windows®
  • **Point of Sale Terminals with integrated bar code slot reader. Windows-based software handles 32 terminals for cash and cashless accounting for institutional cafeterias.
  • **Time and Attendance Time Clock & Bar code Badge Reader for remote installations
  • Florescence Polarimeter for automatic blood sample analysis
  • Bone Resonance Spectrum Analyzer for orthopedic diagnosing
  • DSP and Microcomputer Software for a Hand-held LCD Oscilloscope
  • Computer-controlled Pallet Manufacturing using hydraulic and DC servos
  • We designed software for the following desk-top-based applications:

    Areas of Experience:

    **Leppo Instruments proprietary product