PowerCube Applications


There are four main applications for which the PowerCube was designed.

1. Amplification for PODs. Guitar PODs and bass PODs are small pedestal units that contain a preamplifier stage plus a multitude of programmable sound enhancing systems. But these PODs have no power amplifiers. The PowerCube provides the amplification in a compact portable case.

2. Amplifier replacement for combo units whose amplifiers have failed and are costly to repair. However, the speaker(s) are good and the case is serviceable. The PowerCube provide both pre-amplification and 100 watts of clean power.

3. Combine a PowerCube with your favorite speakers; build a sturdy plywood enclosure. The resulting combo will sound awesome and save you a bundle.

4. An extra amp which is very portable is important to have along on every gig. It can provide extra boost for a bass or provide backup in case of an amplifier failure.

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