The Leppo Instruments B3 is a terminal with 80 keys, a two-line by 20 large character display and a bar code slot reader. The keypad is a flat membrain type with numerals, the alphabet and function keys. The top 48 keys overlay a pocket which accommodates a printed or xeroxed menu sheet that can be inserted by the user. The function keys also overlay a pocket which accommodates printed nomenclature, which is installed by the VAR.

All key are programmable via simple downloadable commands. A shift key allows each of the remaining 79 keys to take on two definitions, one unshifted and one shifted definition. Pressing a key causes the unique programmed text string to be output through the comm port.

Integrated into the terminal is a bar-coded badge slot reader. High-density Code 39 is supported. Other codes can be added.

Communications with a host PC or Macintosh is handled using RS232, RS422 or RS422 multidrop (full duplex). An RJ-11 connector allows connection using inexpensive telephone cable and connectors. RS422 allows cable lengths up to 4000 feet.

An optional auxillary port is included to accommodate peripherals such as displays, keypads, printers, wands, scanners scales and cash drawers.

An off-line version of the B3 terminal is avalable preprogrammed for time clock applications.

Terminals with a programming script language are also available. Scripts are prepared on a PC in text files, which are uploaded into terminals' battery-backed RAM.

Full scale view of terminal front panel.

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B3 Specifications

Function Keys 20 keys ( 4 rows of 5 keys each) VAR-defined function key menu slips into a pocket under the 20 function keys.


Numeric Keys: 12 keys (0-9, period and ENTER)


Programmable Keys: 48 keys ( 6 rows of 8 keys each) User-defined menu slips into a pocket under the 48 keys programmable keys


Key Type: Membrane keypad with raised outlines


Display: 2 lines of 20 characters Large 0.33 inch (8.44 millimeter) high


BarCode Reader: Integrated into the Terminal. Code 39 (Other codes can be added by the factory); High Density


Memory: 32K bytes standard; 128K optional; Battery backed


Real Time Clock: Optional. Used for off-line applications where information is time-stamped and stored in non-volatile memory


Host Communications: RS232, RS422 & RS485; Baud Rate 9600, XON / XOFF plus Carrier Det.


Special I/O Port: An 8 pin RJ45 connector is provided to interface with special input and output interface modules. Modules are available to interface with a 10-key pad, a parallel printer, cash drawer, wand and other I/O devices.


Power Requirements: Voltage 9 --> 12 volts AD or DC; 2 watts


Transformer: Wall-mounted, UL approved 110 volt, supplied


Alternate Source: Can be powered through RJ11-6 wire data cable


Enclosure Steel; 7.125 in. by 9.00 in. by 2.00 in; Light beige