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M5 Multiplexer

The M5 Multiplexer is an 8 port hub that allows high speed communication between a Windows application and 8 T5 terminals. With an optional power supply the M5 will distribute power to each connected T5 thus eliminating the need for a 110 volt at each terminal location.

Up to four M5 multiplexers may be chained together so that 32 terminals may be managed through one COM port.

Standard CAT5 wiring connects the M5 to other system components such as T5 terminals, an A5 adaptor located at the host or an additional M5 multiplexer. These system components may be located as far away as 4000 feet.

Link and Data status LEDs are provided for each port for quick wiring verification.

Programming of Windows applications is simplified by using an ActiveX Control which manages the connected T5 terminals and up to four M5 multiplexers. The programmer simply specifies the port number (1 to 32) and the ActiveX Control handles the low-level protocol. The ActiveX Control is available for download at no charge.

An optional power supply conntected to an M5 provides power through the CAT5 data cabling to the T5 terminals connected.

Data rate is 115,000 baud. Data connectors are RJ45.

Power requirements 12 to 24 volts AC or DC, 2.5 watts. External 110 volt supply provided.

Enclosure material is high impact Polystyrene. Color is light gray.

Size 7.25 x 4.5 x 1 inches

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