The Leppo Instruments T5 has 80 tactile keys and a 1/4 VGA gray-scale display. A removable frame holds a replacable menu over the keys.

The T5 is intended for on-line use where the application software resides and runs on a Windows 95, 98, NT, or 2000 workstation.

A single RS232 COM port on the host PC communicates with multiple T5 terminals. A Leppo Instruments A5 adaptor converts the host RS232 signals to RS422 so terminals can be located up to 4000 feet from the host. The Leppo Instruments M5 8-port multiplexer is used as an active hub to connect the application to a group of terminals. Four M5 multiplexers may be used together to allow an application to handle 32 T5 terminals.

Standard Windows® bit-mapped files can be displayed on the T5's 320 by 240 pixel gray-scale display.

Standard Windows® PCM audio .WAV files are used by the application to describe a variety of alert sounds as well as high fidelity sampled sounds. An internal speaker in the T5 faithfully reproduces the sounds including speech or music.

Standard Windows® Raster Font (.fnt) files are used by the application to draw text on the display.

Four RS232 COM ports are included to accommodate peripherals such as displays, keypads, printers, wands, scanners scales and cash drawers.

An ActiveX control provides a simple, consistent software interface supported by variety of development environments such as Visual Basic, Access, Visual C++ and Delphi among others. By handling the keyboard, the display (graphics and text), the audio player and the four RS232 COM ports, this control eliminates the need for any low-level programming. The control will support multiple terminals connected through a Leppo Instruments M5 multiplexer or through a multi-drop, 4-wire, RS422 network. Peripherals such as bar code wands and scanners, printers, scales, remote displays and cash drawers are also supported through this ActiveX control. The ActiveX control and sample applications are free of charge and available for download.

Supported in MenuBuilder for easy creation of menu templates.

Full scale view of terminal front panel.

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T5 Specifications

Keypad Function Keys:
80 keys (10 rows of 8 keys each)
User Menu Frames:
Held by a removable menu frame a user-defined menu slips over all 80 keys
Switch Type:
Individual tactile switches
Display Format: 
1/4 VGA (320x240) Gray-scale (16 levels) for text and graphics. Extra bright CFLT backlight.
Sound Capability:
Near CD-quality sampled sounds including voice, 22,050hz, 8bit, PCM
Flash Memory:
512K byte flash to allow upgradable firmware.
256K byte to hold graphics, fonts and sounds.
Host Communications
RS-422 Baud Rate 115K.
COM 1 and COM 2:
  • RS232 Connector RJ11/6 jack
  • 300 to 9600 Baud Rates
COM 3 and COM 4:
  • RS232 Connector DB9 Male
  • 300 to 9600 Baud Rates
  • 5 volt DC is available on pin 9 to power bar code and mag stripe readers
Power Requirements:
  • 16 to 24 volts AC or DC; 5 Watts
  • Wall-mounted, UL approved 110 volt supplied
Alternate Power Source:
Power may be provided through the outer 4 wires of the RJ45 data connector. (The M5 Multiplexer can provide connection for external power.)
Enclosure Material:
High-Impact Polystyrene
7.125 in. by 11.50 in. by 4.00 in. high
5 lb.