TerminalGroupXControl ActiveX Control


The Leppo Instruments TerminalGroupXControl is an ActiveX control used for communicating with all Leppo Instruments terminals.

This ActiveX control provides a simple, consistent software interface supported by variety of development environments such as Visual Basic, Access, Visual C++ and Delphi among others. By handling the keyboard, the display (graphics and text), the audio player and the four RS232 COM ports, this control eliminates the need for any low-level programming. The control will support multiple terminals connected through a Leppo Instruments M5 multiplexer or through a multi-drop, 4-wire, RS422 network. Peripherals such as bar code wands and scanners, printers, scales, remote displays and cash drawers are also supported through this ActiveX control. The ActiveX control and sample applications are free of charge and available for download.

The control also provides a reliable methodology for upgrading terminal software as new features become available.